Black Grape Mocktail

Black Grape Mocktail

This Black Grape Mocktail 🍷 will definitely curb the heat this summer. I picked a hefty amount of grapes last when I got out to get essentials and decided to make some refreshing juice today 🤤


  • 🍇Black Grapes
  • 🍇Lemon Juice
  • 🍇Rock Salt
  • 🍇Fresh Mint
  • 🍇Ice Cubes

I do not add any extra sugar because the grapes are originally sweet and adding extra sugar just spoils the purity of the fruit 😄


  • Keep the grapes in warm water for a few minutes to wash off any impurities
  • Add all ingredients together and blend them
  • Strain the mixture and pour it with a glass full of ice cubes

Serve CHILLED to enjoy the taste. 🌼Side note – this juice goes extraordinarily well with vodka.